New Plastics Innovation Prize for bioORMOCER® Development

Plastic waste from packaging can be found everywhere. This does not only meet the eye but is one of the major hazards for the environment, for nature as a whole, and since it began to enter our food chain, for mankind.

bioORMOCER®, a new class of materials developed by the Fraunhofer ISC, now offer an excellent opportunity to help bioplastic solutions conquer the hitherto untapped packaging market for food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. bioORMOCER® materials are completely compostable and can easily be applied onto bioplastics or conventional plastics as a barrier coating. They can even turn conventional packaging films into recyclable materials.

This innovative solution was awarded the  New Plastics Innovation Prize on the occasion of the World Economics Forum held in Davos. The prize was given by the New Plastics Economy Initative of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in answer to their latest Materials Challenge which invited applicants to submit their ideas for innovative materials or designs.

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20 years of know-how and competency in the development of barrier coatings – sustainable materials solutions for flexible packaging and encapsulation

As starting material for our tailored barrier coatings we use hybrid materials from the ORMOCER® materials class. This class is now complemented by our bioORMOCER® as biobased and biodegradable option for the coating of biopolymers. They will broaden the application potential  of biopolymers in packaging and other areas as well.

Beyond their benefits in packaging, barrier or multifunctional coatings offer interesting solutions for textiles, technical devices or for the production of high or ultra barrier films for OLEDs or the encapsulation of solar cells.

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Project »INN-PRESSME« for a clean Europe

With its know-how on bio-based coatings, the ISC is part of the EU project to strengthen a sustainable European economy in the fields of packaging, energy, transport and consumers.

German Packaging Award 2020

Fraunhofer ISC receives the GOLD-Award in the category "Sustainability" for its bioORMOCER® coating.

Sustainability Awards 2020

Award in the categories “Bio Based” and “Overall Winner” for our development of the bioORMOCER® barrier layers.

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