Additive functional layers

Functionalize existing materials, create new products

The introduction of additional functions is a »simple« way of realizing new products having additional benefits. Learn more about our multifunctional layers. 

Only a single processing step: Multifunctional layers via the modular principle

Depending in the substrate film, we can introduce the following coating properties (depending on substrate and application) in a single processing step:

  • antimicrobial
  • antistatic / antiadhesiv
  • hydrophilic / hydrophobic
  • UV protection
  • active absorption of oxygen (scavenger)
  • abrasion-resistant
  • active corrosion protection (under development)
  • barrier properties against gases, vapors, flavors, odors, plasticizers, and migratable monomers.

Individually configured customized barrier systems can be equipped with various additional functionalities.


Optimized for standard production processes

In principle, our lacquers and coatings are suitable for all commonly used industrial application methods. We thus guarantee easy implementation into your industrial process.