bioORMOCER® coatings: high-performance biodegradable functional layers

Biobased and biodegradable – the new bioORMOCER®coatings

In order to realize more eco-friendly packaging systems, the barrier materials themselves must also be biobased and biodegradable.
The bioORMOCER® coatings recently developed by Fraunhofer ISC significantly improve the barrier performance of conventional bio-packaging systems.

Features of the new bioORMOCER® coatings:

  • Very good barrier properties against: water vapor, oxygen, aromas, plasticizers
  • additional customizable functionalities:
    • antistatic
    • antiadhesiv
    • abrasion resistance
  • moisture-triggered antimicrobial effect
  • adjustable rate of biodegradation
  • high optical quality

Via inorganic-organic material combinations the properties can be optimized to meet the requirements of specific products.
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Antimicrobial effect

Moist environments are ideal breeding grounds for microbes – in most cases this is not desired. Therefore, antimicrobial functions are relevant for the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industry.

Our aim: Make packaging systems safer

The Fraunhofer ISC uses additives to accomplish more safety. The additives with antimicrobial effect are integrated into the coatings and only triggered when the coating comes into contact with moisture –  the antimicrobial additives become active. Both the duration and rate of activation of the antimicrobial effect can be controlled by customizing the coating manufacture.

Your benefit: Material systems adaptable to your needs

This is particularly relevant for packaging  foods as fresh fish, meat, cheese, and sausage products each require different protection.
Our packaging systems can also provide protection for sensitive non-food products such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Our offer

Design and industrial implementation of customized barrier concepts for biodegradable packaging.