Special offer: Coatings for leather

Our special offer: Coatings for leather with retention of the characteristic haptic and optical properties


Leather is a natural material valued for its unique haptic and optical properties. For luxury applications in the automotive, furniture, and luggage industries there is a need to retain these properties with the simultaneous introduction of features such as high scratch resistance, resistance to fading, and resistance to water. State-of-the-art solutions cannot always guarantee this, with the haptic properties in particular being impaired by coatings.

The extremely thin ORMOCER® coatings allow, however, the usage properties of leather to be considerably improved without significantly altering the haptic and optical properties:

  • distinct hydrophobicity with simultaneously high water vapor permeability
  • very good scratch resistance and resistance to rubbing
  • improved abrasion resistance
  • good resistance to heat
  • excellent resistance to fading