Konferenz  /  20. Juni 2018  -  21. Juni 2018

ACI's Biobased Coatings Europe 2018 Conference

Dr. Sabine Amberg-Schwab will give a presentation about »new functional biobased biodegradable coatings for food packaging«.


Today, fresh food as well as convenience food is sold in packages. Hygienic conditions, long shelf life and easy availability of these packed products account for our standard of living. However, this convenience contributes in a significant way to environmental pollution, as packaging is mainly achieved by plastic materials in this case. Biodegradable packaging materials have been on the market for many decades. However, there are severe restrictions preventing their broad application in food packaging, as these materials do not provide the requested properties, such as a sufficient barrier against water vapor, oxygen or flavors.
Our idea is to improve these properties by a biodegradable coating. We have developed high-barrier coatings based on a class of materials with glass-like structural units, so called ORMOCER®s. However, these coatings are not biodegradable. So we have modified our ORMOCER®s to be biodegradable and at the same time preserve their barrier and functional properties. These new materials can play a role in the future design and development of new innovative and more environment-friendly packaging materials.