Fair | Press Conference | Lecture  /  10/16/2019  -  10/23/2019

K Trade Fair 2019

Invitation to the press conference - Project conclusion HyperBioCoat and lecture by Mark Mirza on the topic "bioORMOCER® and more".

Wednesday, 16.10.2019, at 15:30 p.m.
Conference Room 19b, Hall 1, K 2019, Fair Düsseldorf

As part of the EU-funded "HyperBioCoat Project", a research consortium has developed a new polymer raw material that increases the protective effect of plastic packaging without impairing recycling or compostability. It can be combined with both conventional and compostable packaging materials. Instead of using crude oil or biobased raw materials from corn or sugar cane, the researchers obtain their raw materials from large by-product streams in the food industry. In concrete terms, apple pomace is extracted into a hemicellulose product that is suitable for a wide variety of applications thanks to its branched polymer structures: functionalized hemicelluloses were used to develop bioORMOCER® barrier layers for films, trays and bottles made of plastic or natural wax. The new bioORMOCER® coatings are characterized by good barrier properties and good processability; they have already been successfully tested on demonstrators for food and cosmetic packaging.
Learn more about the project and bioORMOCER® barrier layers and visit our press conference:
"Functional Biopolymer Coatings from Food Residues. Presentation of the project HyperBioCoat - Advantages and applications of biopolymer coatings, e.g. for food and cosmetic packaging as well as medical devices".

Dr. Trapp and Mr. Mirza from ISC will be present at this press conference.

>> Please register at presse[at]iwks.fraunhofer.de.


Visit us at the joint booth of Bayern Innovativ in hall 12, booth C45.

There Dr. Trapp and Mr. Mirza will be at your disposal on 10/16/2019. Visit us at the joint booth of Bayern Innovativ in hall 12, booth C45.

The bioORMOCER® exhibit will be on the joint booth of Bayern Innovativ. Besides the shown biopolymer film with compostable barrier layer (bioORMOCER®) you can learn how bioORMOCER® or ORMOCER® can make a multifunctional barrier layer possible for conventional packaging. Combined with monomaterial (polyolefins, PET, paper, etc.), this makes "easy to recycle" packaging possible in accordance with the new packaging law.